Uncle Fergus' Homepage: Bagpipers' Paradise!

Cead mille failte, Highland enthusiasts --- and welcome tae me Bagpipers' Paradise!

I'm Pipe Major Fergus MacAndrich Lochinvar Gordon (Retired), last American-born descendant of the Gordons of Lochinvar, and good-hearted ghostly spirit of Scottish Highland Games fans throughout the cosmos --- but ye guid Mortals may call me "Uncle Fergus"!

Ably assisted by me hosts at Yola.com, I'm here tae take ye through the worlds of the Great Highland Bagpipe and its related arts and skills! Here on me humble homepage, I'll take ye Mortals through the world of bagpipe music, its related arts and skills, and every known bagpipe-related event ye can think of: from New York City's verra own St. Patrick's Day Parade along Fifth Avenue (the oldest, most famous, and longest in the world!) to Tartanweek and the Tartan Saturday Afternoon Parade along Avenue of the Americas in Midtown Manhattan; from the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo tae th' World Bagpipe Band Championships in Glasgow!

And know, Scottish Highland Games fans, that ye'll nae bae left out, either. Keep visitin' the Paradise, as we link state by state to all yer favorite Scottish Games events, from Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina to the Pleasanton Scottish Games at the Alameda County, California Fairgrounds --- and far, far beyond!

And even that ain't all, lads an' lasses! I've even got me verra own Facebook presence, the Bagpipers' Gallery, where all ye'll see are me favorite photos of Bagpipers honkin' themselves silly!

We're committed to stayin' on top o' every Scottish-Irish-Celtic-Gaelic story we can locate, Highland fans; so, o' course, ye're invited to join our merry ceilidh! We start things off, though, with yer auld Uncle Fergus' backstory.......

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